​TC2 Farm

Premier Upland Game Bird

​Our packages :

We offer packages based on the most common hunts our clients have asked for in the past.

#2 is a 2 person hunt with 20 quail and 4 pheasant $260.00

#1 is a 2 person hunt with 20 quail $200.00

#3 is a 3 person hunt with 30 quail and 6 pheasant $390.00

#4 is a 4 person hunt with 40 quail and 12 pheasant $580.00

Or you may customize your hunt. Custom hunts are done at the rate of $5.00 per quail $9.00 per chucker and $15.00 per pheasant. There is a $50.00 fee per person for my dogs and services. All birds left from previous hunts are bonus birds!! Skeet shooting $25.00 for round of 40 clays. 

Season opens October 1st and runs through March 31st. No license is required for game bird preserve hunting. Dog training can be done year round. Hunter orange is NOT required BUT recommended!! The last thing we want is for somebody to get hurt so PLEASE be careful and aware of everything and everybody around you.

Skeet range is open to all hunters. $25.00 for 40 clays. you provide your own shells for all clay and hunts. 

Tc2 Farm Quail Hunt